Making herbal home remedies for people in need.

Our store bought food and medicines or no longer safe for consumpution. From chemicals to diseases, the food being sold to us

in the stores in our country have some of the lowest standards in the entire world. Its time to get back to our roots. Grow our own

medicines. Our own food. 


Mayo Clinic did a study and found that sugar is one of the main sources of food for cancer. Yet when you go in for chemo there will

be mints and glazed donuts for the patients. Job security? Big pharma can NOT regulate herbal remedies, so why are they going to 

sugest them. May 6th 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 3-6 months to live . I told them I didnt see and expiration

date stamped on me anywhere, so we were going to do what ever we could to survive. 3 months later, and almost 60 pound down,

I started growing microgreens in my garage. Sprouts. 100 times more antioxidants than broccoli. Fast forward almost 5 years, and I 

have been cancer free almost 3 and a half years now. Either get busy living or get busy dieing. I am a firm believer that God put 

everthing here to heal ourselves. Take control of your health.